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Charlie and Marcelle

The Sweetest Opal Ring

$ 295.00
"I am into dainty little rings that are delicate and oh so sweet. This is the epitome of that. So I named her The Sweetest Ring. She perfectly defines sweet and simple elegance."

  • Handpicked Australian Opal.
  • Opal approx 4mm x 5.5mm.
  • 14k gold setting.

Opal is the birthstone for all those born in October. If you were this is a particularly lucky stone for you to wear. Opal is a powerful stone known to increase clairvoyant powers, balance the psyche, sharpen memory, attract good fortune and give healing powers to the wearer. Talk about beauty with meaning ten fold.

* This item is made to order, and may take up to 2-3 weeks to ship. No returns.

"Charlie and Marcelle — Where each piece of jewelry is handmade in California, with the intent of bringing love and positivity into your life. We love to find vintage trinkets and stones that hold symbolic meaning and turn them into magical amulets. My goal is to make you happy, make you lucky, make you protected, make you prosperous, make you love and be loved and last but not least make you smile... But with that being said... My amulets are meaningless if you the wearer does not believe.” - Kristina Jacob

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